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Rayagada Tourism

Rayagada is an important city in the Rayagada district of the Odisha State. This is also the administrative headquarters of the district. Located almost 400 Km away from the state Capital, the city is known for enriched minerals, industry and historical significance. It is one of the major city where industry has been the prime highlights. The city has great historical significance as well. It is considered as one of the major economical and cultural hub of the state.

Rayagada Tourism
Maa Majhigharini Temple

Tourist Helpline Numbers

The Director
Dept. of Tourism, Paryatan Bhawan, Museum Campus, Bhubaneswar - 751 014
Phone: +91 674 2432177
Toll Free: 1800 208 1414

Tourist Information Counter
Address: Rayagada Railway Station
Phone- 06856 -222248

Places to Visit in Rayagada

Rayagada is not only a historically enriched place. Mother Nature has also bestowed upon her blessings over the city. It is one of the most visited cities in Orissa in terms of tourist attractions. There are many waterfalls, side scenes and greenery all around in the hilly terrains of the state. The city has a well developed Tourism Infrastructure and considered as one of the best places to visit in Orissa. The city is bestowed with natural beauties with along with traditional tribal culture.

Laxmi Narayan Temple

Important places of RayagadaThe Laxmi Narayan Temple in Rayagada is famous for its divine atmosphere and religious significance. Devotees from all around the country come to visit the beautiful temple to worship and to pray. It is located near IMFA Factory known for its beautiful deities. Lord Hanuman, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balbhadra, Lord Shiva and others are worshipped here.

Guma Ghati

A very popular picnic spot in Rayagada it is is known for its intrinsic beauty and waterfall.

Maa Markama Temple

It is one of the oldest and very famous temples in Rayagada. Known for its very enriched greenery and forest atmosphere, the temple is hub for the tourists. It is not only known for its lush green surroundings but also for the religious significance.

Maa Majhigharini Temple

It is one of the most famous temples present in the entire state. This is a unique and different kind of temple, where the face of the Goddess is only worshipped. Large number devotees come to worship at the temple. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday are considered good time to visit the temple. Apart from it, the Chaitra Parba is the most famous festival in the temple which occurs during March and April time. People from all across the country come to attend the festival and worship the goddess in Rayagada.


Paikapada is another religious place which is famous for its utter significance. According to the local people, this place has significant connections with the mythology. The car festival of Jagannath is widely celebrated here. Also, this place is famous for the Shiva Lingams. Local people draw references and links of the lingams to ancient time and people across the country come to visit the place.


It is one of the best places in Rayagada in terms of tourism and religious importance. This place is famous for both religious importances for the famous Shiva Temple and also for the scenic beauty of waterfalls and wooded hills and valleys. The place becomes a hotspot for the devotees during the Shiva Ratri. However, it enjoys a great importance for being a tourist spot or picnic spot throughout the year. The comfortable weather and great surrounding add pleasure in this place.


Tourist Spots in Rayagada
Rayagada Waterfall Hathipatar

It is one of the most popular tourist places in Rayagada. The intrinsic scenic beauty and unlimited natural resources have made this place a great place to visit. The beautiful Nagabali River and the two waterfalls further increase the scenic significance of the place. The big size boulders look like elephant and hence named as Hatipathar. There is a famous temple Maa Mangla Temple also in this region. This is also matter of tourist attraction in Hatipathar.


Counted amongst most exotic places in Rayagada the beauty of the place is very rare. The wildlife, enthralling nature and religious importance together create beautiful surroundings and make it a place worth visiting. A Shiva Temple is situated at this place on the confluence of three rivers. The place is at bit distance from the proper city but efficient and effective convene is available.

Devgiri Hills

Devgiri Hills are scared and beautiful hills located at the outskirts of Rayagada. The beautiful and ever charming hills can make you gaze at the scenario for hours. The beautiful nature and the greenery is better than anything else in Rayagada. Waterfalls, greenery, high hills, sweet breeze and the enthusiastic atmosphere, the Devgiril Hills are the combination of everything.


It is famous for an ancient Shiva temple. Built in 7th century, the shrine of Manikeshwari Temple is known for the ancient dexterity. It is also very famous in Buddhism. Panchmukhi Gayatri Temple is another famous temple in Padmapur which is famous for Goddess Durga or Gayatri. The temple is mainly known for Devi Sarswati.

Hanging Bridge

It is one of the milestone attraction of the Rayagada city. The Nagavali river changed it course in 2006 and that left a trench. A hanging bridge was then built to connect both side of the river or trench. It resembles the iconic Laxman Jhula of Rishikesh.

Bhimashankar Temple

One of the most popular and famous temples it was excavated in 1974. Apart from it, Niyamgiri Hills, Kumudabali, Kurli, Sephali Hill, Jhigdi, Putassing, Kashipur, Jagamanda Hill, Omdinga, Murigunda are few other places of attractions. There are many more religious places in Rayagada as well which attracts people from all across the state. It has many temples, mosques and churches as well.

Rayagada Travel Tips

Rayagada is famous for being one of the tourist spots which have multiple attractions. So, it addresses the urge of almost everyone. There are many kind of tourists, one who seeks religious places and another looks for nature. Rayagada satisfies both. The weather of the city is truly awesome and that makes it convenient for the tourists to roam at any time they want.
  • Always have your room booked in hotel before arriving in the city
  • Your documents should always be present with you
  • A GPS Device or a map can be fruitful
  • Try to avoid loitering alone in the remote areas of the city especially at the night
  • A small medical kit should always be readily available with you
  • You should have all the emergency numbers along with you

Where to Stay in Rayagada ?

The hotel industry in Rayagada has prominent presence. Keeping the tourism focused, Rayagada has many hotels in the surrounding area. Few of the hotels are real good and offer great service. The accommodation and eating can be a good experience at this place. The Odisha cuisine and the wonderful location give the tourist an amazing experience in the hotel. Here are few of the hotels present in the Rayagada area.

Hotels in Odisha
Hotel Sai International

SAI International Hotel
Address: JK Road, Rayagada Ho, Rayagada - 765001, Near F C I Gas Godawn
Phone: +91 6856-225554

Hotel Tejasvi International
Address: Collector Residence Road, Rayagada Ho, Rayagada - 765001, Near Collector Office
Phone: +91 6856-224925

Jagannath Lodge
Address: Rayagada Ho, Rayagada - 765001, Rayagada
Phone: +91 6856-223789

Satyam Residency
Address: Railway Colony, Rayagada, Orissa, J. K. Road, Rayagada Ho, Rayagada - 765001
Phone: +91 9438232710

Hotel Raj
Address: Gandhi Nagar, Rayagada, Orissa, Station Road, Rayagada Ho, Rayagada - 765001
Phone: +91 9437914007

Where to Shop in Rayagada ?

Rayagada is a tourist place and many places are available for shopping. The beautiful place has shopping places under the Municiplaity and the authority. However, private shopping complexes are also available. There are many markets available in and around Rayagada. Being the headquarters of the city, it has the hub for commercial commodities and also satisfies all the demands of the customers. Few very important and famous markets available in the nearby area are the Railway Shopping Complex, Daily Market, Main Market, New Colony market, JK Road Market, SAI Mandir Road Market and others.

How to Reach Rayagada ?

Rayagada is located at a prime location in Odisha. It can be reached very comfortably. Rayagada has its own railway station is a directly connected to the major cities of India. The city is accessible from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow and others. Nearest cities like Raipur, Bokaro, Nagpur is also well connected by the Indian Railways. The city is well connected by the road as well. The NH 43 is almost 100 km away from the city. However, it does not separate out the city from well road connectivity. Daily bus services to major nearby cities like Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, Vishakhapatnam and others are frequent and comfortable. There is dedicated bus terminus and bus services which make the transportation of the city of high standard. When it comes to Airways, the city does not have a dedicated airport. However, the nearest airport Vishakhapatnam serves the city well. The city is located at proximity and people coming from Vishakhapatnam airport can reach the Rayagada City very comfortably.

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